Pranayama is on Sunday night April 11th at 7pm. Current timetable is found below.

There is a mix of in person and zoom classes.  Please contact me to get zoom class login and password. Then you simply log into zoom, type the details in and voila! If you wish to attend but can’t make that time, the session can be recorded. 

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Class Description

General Kundalini

This is a general session working on different aspects of the body each week and combines three styles of yoga; Kundalini, Hatha and Yin. Kundalini yoga uses breathwork and moving postures to stimulate organs, glands and chakras, while building stamina. Hatha yoga stretches and lengthens the body while Yin yoga deeply opens joints and releases tension. Each class has breathwork, postures, relaxation and a brief meditation. This yoga works well for people who need to de-stress, build some core strength and can be adapted for beginners or experienced yogis. Early bird classes offer the option of just 30min zing to set you up for the day with full kriya for those who wish to complete the full hour.

Wed: 5.15-6.15pm,  in person 75 Brooklyn Road Carterton

Fri: 9-10am, in person 75 Brooklyn Road Carterton

Monday Joints, Core and Restore 

A gentle class focusing on joint mobility and strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles. it is ideal for beginners or those who are recovering from injuries or surgery. BYO mat please.

Mon: 11.15am-12.15pm  Love and Core 39 Vintner’s Lane  Martinborough

Monday Kundalini Nourish

Ease into the week with restorative yoga from the Kundalini tradition. Slow, flowing movements release tension and support healthy organ function. Then bolsters and cushions are used to deeply open our bodies with minimal effort. Pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation complete the nourishing experience so you feel refreshed for the week ahead. Please book in as space is limited.

Mon: 7-8pm 75 Brooklyn Road Carterton

Zoom Only Classes

Monday Breathwork and Meditation 9-10am

Feeling anxious and would like to learn to meditate? This class teaches you first how to breathe with ease and improve your posture. Each week we test-drive several meditation techniques so you can find the flavor that works for you. Kundalini meditations work quickly and effectively to reduce stress in 11 mins or less.

Mon: 9-10am zoom and recording available

Wednesday Wind-down for stress release and stretching 9-10am

Sample some of my new stretches, kriyas and breathwork from my recent Stress and Vitality course. Plus meditations for these exceptional times we are living in

Wed: 9-10am zoom and recording available

Thursday Pure Kundalini  9-10am zoom 

This 60 or 90 min class is classical Kundalini Yoga and includes pranayama, a full kriya with relaxation and meditation with mantra music to enhance the experience. Throughout the year our focus is to become more heart centred through clearing our chakras and learning to clarify our intuition. Move out of your head and into your heart! The full monty for the spiritual warriors.

Thurs: 9-10am Zoom and recording available

Intensive In Person Classes

Pussy Power – Yoga to create happy and healthy women  (Booking is necessary!)

This class addresses the neural wiring in our pelvises and our brains to restore health and happiness. It is suitable for all ages and anyone who identifies as a woman. It is beneficial particularly for those who have depression/ongoing stress, an unhappy sexual history, hormonal imbalance, or pelvic floor issues. Those who have low libido or feel a bit bored with their sex lives, or just plain mystified with whatever goes on “down there”. In fact if you call this “down there” then you really need to come along! A deeply nourishing and supportive class sharing simple skills from the Kundalini, Daoist and Tantric yoga traditions so that you can learn to practice at home. Please book in for a module. Come along for the intro session and then sign up for the 4-6 week module. This creates a space of trust and depth of experience. Also look to the events page for ongoing Pussy Power workshops.

Wed: 7-8.30pm 75 Brooklyn Road Carterton

Yoga for MS/Parkinsons/CFS/Auto-Immune Conditions

A class to address posture issues, breathing and simple chair yoga to build strength and energise.  This 60 minute class uses meditation, visualisation and simple poses to explore neural pathways and  rekindle body sensations. Each week we explore new strategies to make life easier for balance and improved movement. Please book in each week.

Wed: 10.30-11.30am 75 Brooklyn Road Carterton

Perinatal Yoga (on request)

This class fosters a woman centred birth and pregnancy. I love active birth and each class works towards this with “birth circuit training” a series of gentle and simple things I’ve developed to keep your labour progressing even while resting. The class also works with breath, sound and stretches to help ease all those aches and pains.

You can also book in to have a session with your chosen birth partner present so they can be trained up to help you. They can be your voice, your advocate and set of muscles to hold you up in any position you feel helps. (They might need to do some strength training too!)

image of a women at a yoga class in a home

Private Classes

Mon-Fri on request

Private classes are a great way to begin or deepen your yoga experience. You might also want to consider this if you have any health concerns, are recovering from injuries or if you have any burning questions about any aspect of yoga. You might regularly attend group classes but require some help starting a home practice for yourself.

A private class with me may also use tools from my other healing modalities of homeopathy, flower essences or acupressure self care.

I offer individualised yogic prescriptions of postures, medical meditations and pranayama for physical/mental/spiritual health so that you can continue to nurture your well being as a part of your daily life.

image shows woman in yoga pose stretching her back