Healing sessions

Available in Carterton- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 

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Relaxation session

90 mins combination of gentle yoga and nidra and a Flower Essence prescription to maintain that relaxed feeling. $90

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a holistic and complementary healing modality that is tailored to the individual rather than the condition or illness. During a 90 minute session all aspects of your personality, current situation and health are discussed as well as your medical history. A remedy and treatment plan is then selected that best matches you. However all decisions are formed as a partnership between me and you, so that you feel engaged in your own healing path. Homeopathic medicine can be safely used by pregnant and breastfeeding women and also does not interfere with conventional medication.

90 mins initial consultation for adults  – sliding scale $70-$90

60 mins initial consultation for children (under 13 yrs) $50

Follow up appointments:

Adults $50

Children under 13 yrs $30

The consultation includes your prescribed homeopathic remedy. There may be additional costs for any supplements, flower essences or herbal tinctures if required.

Flower Essences

I work with Bach Flowers and I also craft essences from our local garden and landscape. A consultation is approximately 30 mins in person, via email or over the phone if needed. This involves discussion of your current situation and together we select the best blend for you.

Flower essences are well suited to support us through transitional phases, the general ups and downs of life and even physical complaints.

I blend essences to take orally as well as topical body treatments to take home for continued use.

$30 consultation in person, via email or over the phone and includes your remedy.

$3 additional fee for courier costs for a phone or email consultation. $9 for rural delivery ( no PO boxes sorry)

image showing women reclingin in yoga relaxation poses