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Celebrate the Summer Solstice and Tattwa Clearing Ritual Dec 20th 6pm onwards


Celebrate the Summer Solstice Friday 20th December 7pm
Each year as a big thank you to all who attend my classes I host a solstice celebration. This is a gentle gathering with light food, a bonfire and a chance to just relax before Christmas. I cook lots of salads, kitchari and not so sickly sweet treats. You can sample Jason’s mead and my new batch of water kefir. Feel free to roll on up and simply lounge about in the garden.
This year I am offering a Tattwa Clearing Ritual at 6pm before our meal for those who wish to attend. The tattwas are the elements of our bodies and minds which become entangled and murky with our interactions with others. The clearing ritual helps you to feel lighter and free to start the new year with a fresh perspective. Book in here if you wish to untangle yer tattwas! 
Tattwa clearing ritual 6pm
Meal and lounging about from 7pm
Please let me know if you are coming so I make enough food

Meditation For Beginners February 2020  – 6 week course

Spring meditation

Meditation is a daily tool to create communication between you and your mind, and between your body and your mind. It is an excellent way to connect with yourself and your breath. Just as you have a daily shower to cleanse your body, meditation clears the subconscious mind allowing us to see all our patterns and habits.
Meditation is also beneficial for our bodies. It can be used to release tension, assist with chronic pain, regulate blood pressure, and soothe our nervous and digestive systems.
This course will help you to find a happy sitting style, establish a daily practice and  test drive various meditation techniques to discover one that suits you and your lifestyle.

Pranayama year long course Feb 2020-Feb 2021$240

Pranayama pose at Odette Rowe yoga snug class Wairarapa

A year long course to help you to understand how you breathe, how to breathe to your full capacity and then how to use yoga pranayama ( breath techniques) to enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The course is spread over 7 sessions throughout the year with daily private practice that is mentored by me and with the support of the group. You receive regular emails and course notes. The class runs at the pace of the group, there is plenty of time for discussion and catch-up when life events get in the way!

Pranayama Graduates Monthly Extension Class 2020  

Odette Rowe in yoga poseA two hour intensive monthly class for graduates of my year long pranayama programme. Now that you understand the way you breathe and can use more of your lung capacity you are ready to explore the breath technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Each month we explore a new therapeutic breathing practice, exploring pauses, nostril dominance, purification, how to breathe in strokes for different brain focus, and how to whistle your way to happiness. These practices bring  healing and a meditative quality to your practice.

Dawn Sadhana – dates to be confirmed


While a daily home yoga practice is something we all strive for, there is something special about joining a group for a pure Kundalini Sadhana. This is a gathering before dawn for yoga and chanting and seeing the sun rise. Throughout 2020 I will be offering a this several times for all those keen to experience it. Check back here for further details.

Pelvic floor intensive – please contact me if you wish to go on the waiting list for the next workshop.

love and core pelvic floor

A two hour yoga intensive to rekindle your relationship with your pelvic floor muscles. Learn how improving our breathing and posture can support the muscle tone and release tension from the pelvis.

* Learn how to breathe for the pelvic floor

* How to tone the pelvic floor through breathe alone

* Posture awareness

* Stress and tension assessment

* How to pee and poo! Yes adults need to be toilet trained

* How to deal with stress and urge incontinence

* Yogic inversions to energise the pelvis and decompress the pelvic organs

* Kundalini Sat Kriya to tone the pelvis

Future Hormonal Balance workshops – 3 levels and dates to be confirmed. Please register your area of interest on the contact page.

Hormonal balance is something that affects our entire well-being and can also be an indicator for other health issues. I am offering separate workshops to address these specific needs.

Happy Hormones in the Menstruating Years – A whole day workshop to learn cycle awareness, how to ease PMS and period pain, how to eat to enhance your cycle and how your yoga practice needs to adjust to support your cycle. This workshop is for anyone who is menstruating or mums who would like to give their daughters a healthy start. Perfect for anyone with PMS, cramps, endo, an irregular cycle or just a bit out of tune.

Peri-menopause – a whole day workshop to learn how to cope with an irregular cycle, PMS, hot flushes, brain fade and insomnia. Yoga techniques such as pranayama, yoga nidra and restorative relaxation to ease symptoms and find acceptance in times of change.

Post-menopause –  a half day workshop dedicated to developing a home practice to support symptoms such hot flushes, blood pressure changes, insomnia and boosting bone density.

When your Psoas Suck! Yoga for Hip Pain – February 2020 $60

Rocking hip release in smug boss

A four hour intensive looking at all contributing factors towards hip pain. Breath, alignment, stress levels and pelvic awareness are explored to release the flight and fight response that switches our psoas ON.  Learn how to move, how to breathe and hydrate your psoas for happy hips.