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First Light – Yoga Home Practice Subscription $40 Course starts August 8th and continues until September 19th


First Light marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and and the Spring Equinox. While the weather is often blustery and cold the increasing light gives us hope. In Kundalini Yoga this is the most powerful 6 week season of the year, giving us a chance to zap any lurgies and nourish ourselves well before Spring. The work we do now has an impact on our health both now and in next Winter. The ideal process of elimination works first with the colon, then the kidneys, the liver, the lymph and the skin. Each week you will receive a yoga set, some recipes and some prompts for spring cleaning and decluttering both your house and your mind.

This subscription is a chance for you to access all the information that I can’t cover in a normal one hour class or even an intensive. It works most effectively when you are doing these practices on a daily basis or even just a few times a week. The actual yoga does not take more than 20 mins a day if time is a constraint. (If you want a longer practice that is also an option). There is no ghastly fasting! Instead it is about deep nourishment with teas, soups and trying some new recipes that can become snacking favourites.

The subscription includes:

Full and mini yoga set option for each week

Recipes for each phase of the nourishment process

Skin and home cleaning recipes for sprucing up your body and your abode

Pranayama and meditation for a uncluttered mind

Regular prompts and reminders to keep you on track

Any further questions or bookings please contact me


Pelvic floor intensive –  August 18th 3-5pm Love and Core Martinborough  – $40 FULLY BOOKED – please contact me if you wish to go on the waiting list for the next workshop in September

love and core pelvic floor

A two hour yoga intensive to rekindle your relationship with your pelvic floor muscles. Learn how improving our breathing and posture can support the muscle tone and release tension from the pelvis.

* Learn how to breathe for the pelvic floor

* How to tone the pelvic floor through breathe alone

* Posture awareness

* Stress and tension assessment

* How to pee and poo! Yes adults need to be toilet trained

* How to deal with stress and urge incontinence

* Yogic inversions to energise the pelvis and decompress the pelvic organs

* Kundalini Sat Kriya to tone the pelvis

When your Psoas Suck! Yoga for Hip Pain – Sunday September To be confirmed 9am-1pm $60

Rocking hip release in smug boss

A four hour intensive looking at all contributing factors towards hip pain. Breath, alignment, stress levels and pelvic awareness are explored to release the flight and fight response that switches our psoas ON.  Learn how to move, how to breathe and hydrate your psoas for happy hips.

Future Hormonal Balance workshops – 3 levels and dates to be confirmed. Please register your area of interest on the contact page.

Hormonal balance is something that affects our entire well-being and can also be an indicator for other health issues. I am offering separate workshops to address these specific needs.

Happy Hormones in the Menstruating Years – A whole day workshop to learn cycle awareness, how to ease PMS and period pain, how to eat to enhance your cycle and how your yoga practice needs to adjust to support your cycle. This workshop is for anyone who is menstruating or mums who would like to give their daughters a healthy start. Perfect for anyone with PMS, cramps, endo, an irregular cycle or just a bit out of tune.

Peri-menopause – a whole day workshop to learn how to cope with an irregular cycle, PMS, hot flushes, brain fade and insomnia. Yoga techniques such as pranayama, yoga nidra and restorative relaxation to ease symptoms and find acceptance in times of change.

Post-menopause –  a half day workshop dedicated to developing a home practice to support symptoms such hot flushes, blood pressure changes, insomnia and boosting bone density.