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Pussy Power Series Hormonal Balance mini intensive for 4weeks Wed 7.10pm June 12th, 19th, 26th and July 3rd.  Usual class rates


yoni mudra

The four week series gives a taster for the full workshop of finding hormonal balance. Learn the basics around how to chart your emotional and physical symptoms and most importantly how your yoga practice should change to support your cycle. This practice supports women in any stage of their cycle or life cycle. Peri and post menopausal women can still use these methods to enhance their health.

When your Psoas Suck! Yoga for Hip Pain – Sunday June 16th 9am-1pm $60

Rocking hip release in smug boss

A four hour intensive looking at all contributing factors towards hip pain. Breath, alignment, stress levels and pelvic awareness are explored to release the flight and fight response that switches our psoas ON.  Learn how to move, how to breathe and hydrate your psoas for happy hips.

A Winter Yoga Gathering -Sunday 16th June 9.30-6.30pm The Spot Masterton $75

winter yoga gathering

This is a day long gathering with local yoga teachers exploring different styles of yoga. There will be Flow, Yin, Dance, Restorative and also Pure Kundalini  with me. Yes it is fine to book in for just the afternoon session if you wish to attend the Psoas workshop in the morning! Book with Karina or Alison here.

Winter Solstice Sound Bath and Pot Luck June 22nd 6pm

Sound Immersion

Winterwood Sound immersions are back to help us celebrate the longest night. If you wish to sound bathe then book here $15. If you wish to come along to the meditation and vegetarian pot luck at 7pm it is FREE but please still book so I have enough plates and cushions. Wear comfy clothes and BYO blankies.

Move into Meditation with MANTRA Monday July 1st 5.30-6.30pm Usual class rates

Odette Rowe in yoga pose

This month we explore how mantra can help to bring stillness and calm to a frazzled mind. Mantra can be internally vibrated as well as chanted to create resonance through every cell of our bodies. This session will include both so you can experience which works best for you. There are no elaborate tunes to learn or tongue twisting mantras so FEAR NOT! We will be learning mantras from the Kundalini Yoga Tradition and seeing how we can apply them in daily life. Beginners and experienced yogi/yoginis are welcome. Book here

IYTA Yoga Day for Winter Wellness 6th July Hapai Club, Upper Hutt 9.30am-3pm $35 for non-members

Yoga day july 2019

Calling all Welly, Hutt (and Wairarapians who may wish to car pool with me) a whole day of Winter Wellness.

Pelvic floor intensive –  July 7th 3-5pm Love and Core Martinborough  – $40

A two hour yoga intensive to rekindle your relationship with your pelvic floor muscles. Learn how improving our breathing and posture can support the muscle tone and release tension from the pelvis.

* Learn how to breathe for the pelvic floor

* How to tone the pelvic floor through breathe alone

* Posture awareness

* Stress and tension assessment

* How to pee and poo! Yes adults need to be toilet trained

* How to deal with stress and urge incontinence

* Yogic inversions to energise the pelvis and decompress the pelvic organs

* Kundalini Sat Kriya to tone the pelvis

after pelvic.png

How to change your life without getting out of bed – Sunday July 21st 9-11am $30

We all tend to lose our mojo in midwinter. Instead of fighting against the duvet, embrace it and find a way to do your yoga practice in comfort. Learn several yoga kriyas that can motivate you to emerge from the horizontal…. or not. You might feel inspired instead to write, plot and scheme in bed, making the most of hibernation.  Feel free to turn up in your P.J’s and be comfy.

Future Hormonal Balance workshops – 3 levels and dates to be confirmed. Please register your area of interest on the contact page.

Hormonal balance is something that affects our entire well-being and can also be an indicator for other health issues. I am offering separate workshops to address these specific needs.

Happy Hormones in the Menstruating Years – A whole day workshop to learn cycle awareness, how to ease PMS and period pain, how to eat to enhance your cycle and how your yoga practice needs to adjust to support your cycle. This workshop is for anyone who is menstruating or mums who would like to give their daughters a healthy start. Perfect for anyone with PMS, cramps, endo, an irregular cycle or just a bit out of tune.

Peri-menopause – a whole day workshop to learn how to cope with an irregular cycle, PMS, hot flushes, brain fade and insomnia. Yoga techniques such as pranayama, yoga nidra and restorative relaxation to ease symptoms and find acceptance in times of change.

Post-menopause –  a half day workshop dedicated to developing a home practice to support symptoms such hot flushes, blood pressure changes, insomnia and boosting bone density.