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Yogic Sleep Therapy Workshop – August in person and online (2 hour workshop $40) Please register your interest here

DSCN0092Is sleep an elusive beast for you? Perhaps you have trouble nodding off, or maybe you wake up frequently? Would you like to learn some simple yogic practices that will help you to get the rest you need?

Sometimes it takes more that a few postures at bedtime to set yourself up for a good sleep. We need to be preparing for sleep throughout the day! Learn how to do this, how to live according to the Chi body clock and also how to make the most of your dreams. You might be waking/not sleeping as your body is trying to tell you something important. Postures, breathwork, meditation and dream journaling can hold the key to better rest.

Please register your interest here and we will fathom the times and days that suit most people. 

First Light – a 6 week spring clean on all levels August 3-Sept 21 $40 snowdrops

This fire festival marks the first stirrings of Spring. The days may be sullen and grimly cold but there is a marked change to the length of the days, bringing hope that Spring is on the way. This is when we traditionally start spring cleaning, purification and renewal. We shall be doing this with a gentle toning of our elimination organs, simple breathing and meditations and a bit of a declutter and clean of our surroundings on a week by week basis. I consider the 6 weeks between First Light and the Spring Equinox as an opportunity to spring clean my whole life. Just as the increased light shows up all the cobwebs in your room corners, it also beams in upon stale mindsets and jaded bodies. Awaken yourself slowly from hibernation.

Please register your interest here You will receive a weekly detailed email with instructions, recipes and a zoom recording of a class so you can practice daily.

Matariki Nidra Nest – a 6 week slumber party of effortless meditation 21st June-2nd August – via recordings. Free  You can access the recordings here on Arrow FM

Yoga relaxation at Odette Rowe's Wairarapa yoga classes

Curl up this winter for our Matariki Nidra Nest. This 6 week slumber party celebrates the seasonal shift from Solstice and Matariki through until First Light and Pakawera following the path of the lunar cycle. This is a potent time to rest, recuperate and sow the seeds of your dreams for the future. Each week you will receive a nidra recording that you can listen to and explore Matariki in this creative, effortless,  liminal space between sleep and being awake. All you need is a computer, tablet or phone to open the recording and 20 mins to lie down and listen. You can also attend the Nourish and Nidra class live and also via zoom each Monday if you prefer the live experience. If you have never experienced Yoga Nidra before then this is a great time of year to start as our bodies need to rejuvenate over winter. Please book in here


Red Hot Bitches  – monthly support group for peri/menopausal women  $20 or $10/koha unwaged Next gathering Thursday 21st July 7-8.30pm


We all got the “Period Talk” at school but has anyone prepped you for Perimenopause? If you are 38 years old or over then this is on your horizon…This monthly support group covers all the potential signs and symptoms and offers some complimentary practices from yoga therapy and herbal medicine to ease your passage to power. This journey often has a few wobbles along the way but ultimately it is about finding your voice, your calling and stepping into midlife with JOY. We explore the 5 stages of menopause and how to embrace them along with the brain fog, hot flushes, a dry minge and sudden rage.  Bookings are necessary This month we address requests from the group. Email ahead with your vote and your wish is my command! All burning questions are gratefully received!

Please note that this is a 90 min class with pricing $20 per class or $10/koha per class unwaged.

Pussy Power – Wednesdays 7-8.30pm  Bookings are necessary

yoni mudraPussy Power this season is taking a breather from all our modular work and is open to those wishing to attend a nourishing class that is supportive for all women of all ages and stages. This weekly 90 min class will include gentle movement, mantra and nidra that will restore your energy levels.  $18 waged/$15 unwaged Please book in here

Pussy Power Lady Garden Academy is a YEAR of workshops!

img_9023You are welcome to attend workshops and modules as stand alone events or come along to them all. The Academy is to foster love and respect for our Lady Gardens and the Earth herself. Learn how to grow, harvest and process herbs to make teas, tinctures and salves to support your hormonal health.  Along the way we learn about Biodynamic preps, composting, natural beekeeping, cultivating plant allies, making flower essences and even take some herbal Plant Journeys. It is all interwoven with yoga as this is the binding force for this Mother Earth Manifesto!

Lady Garden Academy 13 moons, 13 plants – a year (or so) of plant wisdom for women Spring 2022 and beyond
An experiential year walking, dreaming and resting with plant wisdom. We gather around the time of the full moon and learn about how to use each plant for kitchen medicine, it’s signature qualities and how it can be used for healing. The remainder of the month includes homework of cultivating or foraging the plant, creating your own book of signatures and practicing the nidra crafted for each medicine. You can attend one or all moon gatherings!

Pelvic floor intensive – please contact me if you wish to go on the waiting list for the next workshop.

A two hour yoga intensive to rekindle your relationship with your pelvic floor muscles. Learn how improving our breathing and posture can support the muscle tone and release tension from the pelvis.

* Learn how to breathe for the pelvic floor

* How to tone the pelvic floor through breathe alone

* Posture awareness

* Stress and tension assessment

* How to pee and poo! Yes adults need to be toilet trained

* How to deal with stress and urge incontinence

* Yogic inversions to energise the pelvis and decompress the pelvic organs

* Kundalini Sat Kriya to tone the pelvis

Future Hormonal Balance workshops – 3 levels and dates to be confirmed. Please register your area of interest on the contact page.

Hormonal balance is something that affects our entire well-being and can also be an indicator for other health issues. I am offering separate workshops to address these specific needs.

Happy Hormones in the Menstruating Years – A whole day workshop to learn cycle awareness, how to ease PMS and period pain, how to eat to enhance your cycle and how your yoga practice needs to adjust to support your cycle. This workshop is for anyone who is menstruating or mums who would like to give their daughters a healthy start. Perfect for anyone with PMS, cramps, endo, an irregular cycle or just a bit out of tune.

Peri-menopause – a whole day workshop to learn how to cope with an irregular cycle, PMS, hot flushes, brain fade and insomnia. Yoga techniques such as pranayama, yoga nidra and restorative relaxation to ease symptoms and find acceptance in times of change.

Post-menopause –  a half day workshop dedicated to developing a home practice to support symptoms such hot flushes, blood pressure changes, insomnia and boosting bone density.