Beyond the blether of manifestation

Every time I see anything about manifestation or visualisation I feel a little bit sick. Surely the intended audience has not only a roof over their head, food in their belly, possibly even enough possessions to need to declutter, and yet like the Very Hungry Caterpillar they still want MORE. My curiosity about this desire for more inspired me to scratch around behind this need and discover the gaping wide hollow of emptiness.

Most people are doing what they think they want to with their time and resources but in reality they are simply ticking the boxes of what was socially prescribed for them. We have all had those mouse-wheel days of getting up, going to a job we loathe to pay the bills so that we can be sheltered and fed. We go to bed tired and wake up and repeat it again and again. On holiday we might remember Who We Are and then it gets stuffed away when we return to the grind. So I understand why people want the nice shiny things to give them hope and rewards for their suck-full week at work. How many times though have you purchased the clothing/holiday house/car/latest BBQ gadget and felt fantastic for a few days only to return to the dissatisfaction once more.

The Mucho Manifestival is not about getting the designer wardrobe, the Duran Duran yacht or the perfect bum. Instead it is a year long exploration of self study into all the programming that has driven your life up to this point and then hopefully (!) how you can be liberated from this. We explore the unconscious agreements that we never signed up for – those slimy little suckers that keep us in our place and often uphold unreasonable standards that benefit those in a place of power. We unravel the societal and familial expectations and even the limitations that we have placed upon ourselves, along with some simple and gentle techniques to release all the unprocessed emotions that have been triggering the hollow feeling. Often we realise that all our thoughts have been projecting out into the world and we have actually been very effective manifestors – it is just that we were not aware of what we really, truly desired. Throughout the year we delve into all this using the tools of yoga nidra, pranayama, tapping for unprocessed experiences, meditation, intention setting with lunar phases and morning pages/journal exploration.

My hope is that we emerge blinking like Moley in Springtime and see the bright light of endless possibilities and freedom. As we explore our dharma ( divine path and purpose) and sankalpa (intention) we can align our lives to better fit our path and purpose. Perhaps a desire will arise to connect on a deeper level with loved ones, community, perhaps we will feel the call to create a fair and equal society, perhaps we will simply want to grow our food and share our crops. Who knows what will emerge by January 2024? If you share this curiosity too then join in for a year of exploration.