Digesting all your experiences

Hearing women talk about their bellies can be painful. This is the space of much shame, judgement and comparison that seems to poison our confidence and pleasure. It is also a space of physical pain for many women that has been overlooked or belittled. The fact that a woman with an appendix threatening to burst first needs to rule out period cramps is perhaps an indication of how much suffering has been normalised. However most women truck on with even much milder symptoms such as IBS, ovulation pain, cramps, bloating and nausea and consider that to be just a part of life.

Our relationship with our bellies is about learning to to digest all our experiences. Do we have the capacity to assimilate all that we see, read and hear? Thanks to the internet we can now bombard our senses with such a density of images, articles, chat and music that we feel overloaded. Do we have space to emotionally process all the inputs in daily life and release what is not serving us? Can we ever switch off and relax fully?

These last few years have challenged us on all levels to adjust how we work, parent and connect with others. Menstrual and digestive cycles have become disrupted and there is not much research being done about whether this is “just stress” or another little understood aspect of covid recovery. For others who have reached second spring in the land of post menopause, they might be surprised to find a whole new terrain of tummy woes just when they thought they had nailed menopause.

Loving your tum is a four week class to turn around your relationship with your tummy and listen to your gut and pelvis.

We explore:

  • simple techniques of gentle abdominal massage
  • breathwork to process our emotions
  • super gentle yoga for digestive support and hormonal balance (for all stages of life) and practices to reinstate our body rhythms for rest and digest mode
  • discover the magic poo button (I just might have renamed this) and easy acupressure points for supporting our digestion
  • delve into being able to love our bellies with acceptance and delight
  • 5 simple steps that you can start to ease bloating and discomfort

If that sounds like your cup of tea then come along and join in person or zoom in. Details are here and you can sign up here We start on Wed Sept 14th at 7pm