Sadhana Support – Home practice

Yoga was originally taught one on one where a student would meet their teacher occasionally and be given personal instruction for them to work on alone, at home. Daily personal practice is the place where you start to see the full benefits of yoga. Instead of listening to a teacher instructing, you are listening to the Ultimate Teacher – YOU. Your body, breath and mind are offering you clear messages and you can access this without the distraction of others, leaving the house or even getting out of your pyjamas. It is a good idea to have a strong foundation through regular class attendance first and then sadhana and class work will both support your yogic experience.

I offer several types of sadhana support.

  • Subscribe to join Season Sadhana. This season is the Six Week Slumber party – an introduction to the effortless meditational practice of Yoga Nidra.  Each week you get an email with a recording to lie down and listen to. Free or Koha.  Register here
  • Subscribe to receive Lunar Sadhana- a daily email of a full yoga set and meditation that changes throughout the month and the seasons to build your home practice. Register your interest and questions -Lunar Sadhana is starting soon!
  • Private Sadhana support. This is for regular yoginis and yogis who want to develop a daily practice at home but don’t know how or where to start. I can visit your home (if needed) and we develop a practice that fits around your time, space, family and pets to create a sustainable sadhana that suits your needs. Contact me for further information.

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