Traffic Lights and Group Agreements

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As we enter into the vaccine pass and traffic light system I have been wrestling with the fact that yoga means union for all and also liberation from all mental constructs. How do I marry my core belief that all are welcome when the law says otherwise? The good news is that we can find a happy balance and keep all safe according to the law and use commonsense and group agreements. Read below to find out how this can happen. Please note that if you attend my class at Love and Core or other studios then we must abide by their guidelines.

Under the new traffic light system my home classes do not have spacing or capacity limits though these will be discussed by the regular attendees as to what feels comfortable for us and bookings adjusted accordingly.

I am not required to use a vaccine pass system though I will happily tick your status on my database so that is registered. (Legally I can offer private or small classes to unvaccinated people – with cleaning before other classes.) Don’t forget that I offer plenty of zoom classes so all are welcome to attend those. Also if your class is fully booked then remember I can also offer hybrid zoom/in person classes as I do already for my Mon and Fri classes. You are always welcome to be in the Snug for my other 7am and 9am zoom classes as long as you book in. During these warmer summer months I can also offer outdoor classes in our garden that are open to all.

Once we have established our group agreements for each class then all new people wishing to attend that time slot will need to accept the agreements of that particular group or find out which class matches them best.

Since we are gathering in our home then I would like to disclose that I am fully vaccinated. Please respect our home with these guidelines above and also the following:

  • Please no do come to class if feeling unwell, awaiting test results, been in a location of interest etc and also please cancel your booking so that someone else can take your place
  • Please book in for classes via email or txt in advance
  • Please inform me immediately if you discover that you are a close contact and have been in a recent class
  • Please BYO mat and blanket and any other props you require
  • Please sign in the register so that you are easily contact traceable
  • Please do not ask others in the class what their vaccination status is – that is my job! I will make sure everyone is in the best class for them

I am also proposing that our classes become a covid-free sanctuary! Please no discussion of cases/numbers/theories etc during class time or in our practice space. Let’s give ourselves a breather from all the chaos, fear and news bombardment. You are however welcome to express your feelings and ask for support from our group. For example “I am feeling scared, anxious and lonely” , “I miss my grandchildren”, ” I am angry and frustrated”.

I hope this all makes sense ( I recommend reading the Ministry of Health and also Business guidelines if you are having trouble sleeping!) All this will be subject to change or course in the light of any local outbreaks or variants. Looking forward to seeing you all soon in one way or another.

Remember we all have to live with one another when we get through this so may we be filled with loving kindness as we fumble our way along…