Sap Rise – Connection with your Plant Friends

Rosa Cottage Maid

Most of our healing comes from a place of connection. This might mean feeling connected to your body and your feelings so that you experience a sense of wellness. Or it might mean that you sense a lack and you seek help with a health practitioner, a friend or an activity that helps you to feel that connection again. Sometimes the connection is literal and a medicine may connect missing functions so that you can renew your “factory setting”. Healing connection can also be simply a sense of belonging, maybe within your family, your friends, home or the land beneath your feet.

So when we do need medicine we often reach for a herb, a remedy or a prescribed drug with an expectation that it will deliver. We may not pay much attention to where it came from, how it was made or even what it was made from. We may feel gratitude if it works or even betrayal if it doesn’t.

In our first medicine making practicum of Pussy Power Lady Garden Academy we cultivate healing connection by developing a healing partnership with our Plant Friends. Just as nobody really cherishes those needy friends that you only hear from when they are having a crisis, our plant allies would prefer a healthier kinship. This relationship might be nurtured over time as you grow and tend your plants, or it may simply come from asking permission as you forage with a healing intention. Yes even the plant world appreciates consent!

In this practicum we learn how to befriend and communicate with plants and how to make a simple flower essence remedy for ourselves. This can be a bit of a paradigm shift for anyone who has not really contemplated this before! I consider plants, animals, rocks, mountains, lakes, oceans and rivers to be “People” and that we have ways of communicating that are beyond words in any tongue. We can learn to connect using all our senses, observing and listening on all levels. Come with an open mind, a sense of wonder and learn to make medicine in a holistic way. Details are here and bookings are here.