Seven Planets

Actually 5 planets and a star and a satellite

Seven planets and your life cycle – an intersection between Kabbalah and Kundalini Yoga

Do you ever wish you had a road map or an instruction manual for understanding what the heck is going on in life? This teensy 8 week course is to help shed some light on the life you have lived so far and possibly help to reframe your life ahead. The main framework for this is understanding that we are part of a cyclical universe and just as the planets above have their own speedy or slow cycles then so do us mere mortals on earth. As above so below!

Over my life I have been influenced by those who follow cyclical wisdom – my grandmother with the lunar cycles, Rabbis who dabbled in Kabbalah at Vic Uni, Steiner who shaped my understanding of biodynamic agriculture by the movement of the planets, ancient herbalists and also homeopath Ian Watson who incorporated planetary influences in my practitioner prescribing. My own body also provided abundant self knowledge through my menstrual cycle. All these strands have helped to weave a story of life that speaks more to my poetic than rational mind. It will possibly all make more sense in hindsight at the end of life but I rather enjoy it now in the manner of sitting down with a cryptic crossword and a cup of tea to nut it all out.

The course consists of one introductory class to explain the theory and how to have a hot date with a calendar, a timeline and a trip down memory lane. The following 7 classes are all Kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations to integrate each life phase. You are then equipped to apply the tools whenever you wish and be prepared for your future life cycles.

The classes run on Thursdays 9-10am from October 28th until Dec 16th. For class info and to book in hop over here