Embrace the Lunar Eclipse


Happy Full Moon on January 21st and even better it is a lunar eclipse. Sadly we won’t see it here in NZ due to the timing at 6.12pm but we can still feel it. This eclipse season has been all about creating strong foundations, learning to trust in times of change and embracing self care.

I have been doing a favourite meditation to embrace this season and will continue to do it daily until next new moon. It helps to find your connection with the earth, build strength in your pelvic floor muscles and find peace in breath suspension. It is officially called “Meditation for a stable body” or sometimes “Meditation for the Pranic Body”. I just do it when I have living in my head too much and need to get back to earth.

Sit in a position that lets you keep a straight spine. Make fists with both hands, with the thumbs sticking up as if you are going to hitch a lift. The right hand is level with the heart centre and the left hand is level with your navel centre. The eyes are almost closed and focused at the third eye centre. Tuck your chin back gently. Inhale sharply and deeply and exhale completely with gusto. Hold the breath out and rhythmically draw up your pelvic floor muscles up to 26 times. Only do this for as long as it feels comfortable to hold the breath out, or for your pelvic floor muscles. As you are holding the breath visualize the energy moving from the base of your spine all the way up to the crown of your head. Repeat this for 3 mins and up to 11 mins if you are super keen.

If you live locally and want to grow moonflowers then let me know and I shall save you some seed. They magically open as the moon rises, smell delicious and each flower only lasts for one night. The perfect reminder to seize the day (or night in this case).