Bursting bubbles and keeping the heart open


8f83df10-5ead-4e1d-9c85-39498a9dafa7Today our bubbles burst and we can venture out into the world while still maintaining a physical distance. Some are chomping at the bit to “get back to normal” while others have no normal to get back to. If you have had the luxury of not wondering how to pay your rent or where your next meal is coming from over these last 6 weeks or so then you have probably had some wake up call. How do you really want to live your life, make your living, spend your time and money and who do you want to be with? Have you been able to be with yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to integrate any insights into your new and wider world, rather than rushing back onto the treadmill?

From the woowoo perspective the planets are asking us to do just that with Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all going retrograde this week. Just as Aunty Cindy says it is ok to get back into the thick of it the heavens are saying “hang on, just pause a bit longer”. Listen to your insights from lockdown and when ready bring your treasures back to share with others. We have a 6 week window of Venus in retrograde in which to dwell in the heart and listen deeply. Kundalini yogis love a good 40 day practice and so I am starting mine today with three of my favourites from Guru Rattana’s excellent book “Transition to a heart centred world.” Auntie Cindy has also told us to stay spaced out so I have included a lot of breath of fire to really bring us into the neutral mind!

“Transition to a heart centred world” is available as an ebook. I really recommend buying any of her books. For details on my full 40 day practice look in her book for these: Breath meditation to strengthen the mind and the immune system. The Kriya is Heart connection and the meditation is Praan Adhaar Kriya.

Here I am sharing the instructions for Heart Connection. This is a set I have previously done as a 40 day kriya while living in a new country with a lot of challenging racial disharmony. It helped me to acknowledge the inequality, the sadness I felt, and also to have the courage to speak up in my workplace and community. I hope it helps you too. Any Kundalini yoga set with a lot of navel centre work will help to break down the barriers to the heart centre.

Heart Connection

Tune in with Ong namo guru dev namo x 3

Do our usual warmups and include some low slow lunges to warm up your hip flexors. Take any rest you need throughout the kriya and observe your bodily sensations in rest times.

One – bring your right hand into surya mudra ( thumb to ring finger) and your left hand into buddhi mudra (thumb touching the little finger). Lift both arms so that the elbows are at held up at shoulder height with your palms facing forward. (Please note photo above for position of arms but use the correct mudra!) Start a powerful breath of fire through the mouth, pumping from the navel point so that your cheeks billow in and out like Dizzy Gillespie for 3 and half minutes. To end inhale deeply, hold the breath for 30 seconds and exhale. Repeat this ending twice more.

Two – place both hands over the heart centre and focus your eyes on the tip of the nose with almost closed eyelids. Meditate and feel the goodness of the heart, the oneness and connection with the universe under your hands. 5 mins and 15 seconds.

Three – sitting on your bottom, pull your knees in close to your chest and lock them tightly with your arms. Now try to jump up and down so that your bottom lifts off the floor for 1.5 mins. Good luck with that. I find it helps to imagine I am on a moon hopper.

Four – Lie on your back and extend your arms and legs up to 90 degrees. The toes are pointed and the palms of the hands face one another. Begin a heavy breath of fire to burn out all toxins. This exercise balances the meridians. 3 mins and 15 seconds.

Five – rest in child pose with arms draped behind you. Sleep for 6 minutes

Six – same position as number four but now you move your arms and legs back and forth like a little mechanical dog and with breath of fire for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Seven – seated (or lying if needed) place your hands on your heart and meditate or chant or sing for up to 14 mins. (I love “You are the light in my heart” by Sada Sat Kaur)

Rest for 5 mins. Tune out with Sat Nam x3

As you go about your day observe your interactions with others and your inner dialogue. Do you listen to your heart or your head?