First Light

This fire festival marks the first stirrings of Spring. The days may be sullen and grimly cold but there is a marked change to the length of the days, bringing hope that Spring is on the way. There are signs of buds swelling on fruit trees and the bird song changes. Some days are warm enough to stimulate grass and weed growth and all gardeners know that this means business – roll up your sleeves and get stuck in!

This is also a time of stirrings in the soul. Little seeds of ideas that might have stratified over the cold winter months are now responding to the increased light. It is opportune to be bold, fire up new intentions, set plans for the coming year and imagine your future. This year I am doing lunar intentions and solar goal setting to help me prioritise the things that matter ( such as making things, being outdoors and microadventures) I am also doing this in quite a literal way with actually sowing seeds for abundant greens to eat when Spring officially starts Sept 21st. I will be telling you when the best time to do this is and hopefully get you inspired to eat yer greens lads and lassies. What are your deepest wishes for this coming year? Think far and wide as well as humble and simple. 

This is when we traditionally start spring cleaning, purification and renewal. The slant of the sunlight enters into deeper parts of your house, revealing forgotten corners, spider webs and dust bunnies. This also reflects how many feel in their bodies and minds if it has been a harsh winter spent mainly indoors cultivating cabin fever. So while our present winter has been unusually mild, you can still harness this urge to fling everything open and look at it with fresh eyes. We shall be doing this with a gentle toning of our elimination organs, simple breathing and meditations and a bit of a declutter and clean of our surroundings on a week by week basis. I consider the 6 weeks between First Light and the Spring Equinox as an opportunity to spring clean my whole life. Just as the increased light shows up all the cobwebs in your room corners, it also beams in upon stale mindsets and jaded bodies. Awaken yourself slowly from hibernation.

If you feel like joining me I am offering a 6 week email programme to give you all the prompts and recipes. Hop over here if you want to spring into spring!