Spring Equinox Initiation

Dandy Lion

Most of us consider medicine to be found in bottles and packets in our bathroom cabinets or perhaps in our pantries and spice racks. If we want to find out more about these medicines we consult Google God, look up books or ask our health practitioner. We rely upon the realm of the intellect to gather information. Most of us would also expect that we had to ingest our medicine for us to receive any benefit.

However in Pussy Power Lady Garden Academy we are adding another approach to learning about our plant friends. Yes we learn with our heads but we shall also learn with our hearts, and throughout this year we shall be gathering to take part in plant initiations. In this space we realise that our medicine is all around us, very possibly right under feet and that we can learn to access this medicine through intuition and intellect. We may also discover that simply to “be” with our ally is all the medicine we need, there is no need to “take”.

A plant initiation is like going back into that childlike space of wonder. (Adults simply name a plant and rattle through how it might potentially be useful to them.) In our space of wonderment we sit with the plant, explore the shapes, smells and tastes if edible and acknowledge the change of appearance through it’s life cycle. We notice where it likes to grow and who it likes to grow alongside with and how it feels to hang out with this plant. During the initiation we practice yoga nidra to deeply relax and awaken out heart space to feel more open to listening on an intuitive level. We imbibe an elixir of the plant several times throughout the ceremony and reflect on how we feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are dating our new plant friend and listening to our intuition! Some like to draw/paint, write songs, dance, embroider or create recipes. Others simply like to lie still, be dreamy and allow their awareness to open.

The initiation lasts beyond the actual gathering. For weeks afterwards you start to notice your plant ally is all around you, whether in nature, your garden or simply in images. Slowly a relationship builds and you might gain insight into how this plant would like to help YOU or others in your circle. Each participant takes a wee bottle of plant essence home to continue their journey.

We start this Spring Equinox with the most humble and tenacious of all plant allies – the Dandelion. She can pop up in between cracks in concrete landscapes, resurrect like a zombie despite round-up poisonings and blow her seeds all across the world. She is a generous giver and is here to shine her golden light, bedazzling your eyes so you can appreciate that medicine can be found simply everywhere.

Come join us on Wednesday September 22nd 7-8.30pm for an evening of wonder, fun and dreaming. Please bring any tools that are your creative allies such as favourite pencils, musical instruments, embroidery threads etc. There will be paper, pencils and crayons for everyone to share. Details are here and booking is here