Ditch the Dark Times with Daily Dance – a Winter Sadhana

These darkening days of Autumn can feel a little gloomy for some, especially when we have had a Summer bypass this year. The Last Light season always has an element of fear – do I have enough firewood to keep warm? Is the roof leak fixed? Over the last 3 years the pandemic added health concerns to this list. Will I stay well? Will my loved ones be ok? And now with the rising cost of living it can feel overwhelming. Who the f**^% can afford a cauliflower anymore?!

It might seem preferable to just start fasting, don a onesie, slide under your duvet and wait for Spring however I have a much more fun plan and it is FREE. Even better it might ease some of your back niggles, lift your mood and put a sparkle in your eyes. For as long as I can remember movement, music and dance have always been my happy place. It has never been about the confines of classical ballet, or even trying to be a good dancer. Early games in childhood seemed to involve smearing on a truckload of makeup, donning a leotard and twirling about. To be honest nothing much has changed, except the makeup and the outfits are decidedly dowdy in comparison. I simply love to have a daily thrash around in my kitchen to something with a good beat. Whenever I do this with music that matches where I am at, I feel freed of all cares, worries and overwhelm. This daily regulation of my nervous system is so simple and effective, and I love discovering new music.

This year I decided to invite you all along to join me with a daily dose of dance medicine. Sadhana in yoga means a daily practice to connect with your higher self – for most this means yoga asana, pranayama or meditation. This winter, dance is our sadhana. As the leaves drop and the sap nourishes the roots, we shall bless the earth with the drumming of our feet. Whether you just shuffle to one song or do a whole sweaty long hour does not matter. You don’t need any special gear, outfits or even to leave the house. You just need a finger to press play and then the freedom to move in any way that feels good.

Sign up to join the group and you can make suggestions to the weekly playlist. You might just choose to play your own cds/records or use a streaming app to try new music. Occasionally we shall have a dance party in my living room and you are so welcome to join in. Sometimes we just need to connect and hear other feet stomp and knees creak. Sometimes we need that feeling that all our hearts are beating to the same rhythm. If that sounds like you, then join in the fun, starting May 1st. More details are here