Averting impending seasonal doom

Rainbow 002

I love Autumn – the colours, the end of the harvest, the stacking of firewood and the fossicking for unfinished knitting projects that just might make it off the needles and onto my back this year. However I know it is not for everyone and I see this as part of our addiction and craving for happiness and sunshine alongside a total aversion to darkness and introspection. Many years ago I recognised this aversion in myself and decided to face it head on.

As usual the teacher for this was my own body – my menstrual cycle. The Autumn season AKA the pre-menstrual phase was my opportunity to s l o w down, listen to the truth serum that seemed to be pulsing through my veins and breath out all the overwhelming emotions. People generally liked me in Spring (pre ovulation) and Summer (ovulation) perhaps less so in Autumn and I think everyone would rather I took off to Siberia in Winter (menstruation). The magic was that once I gave myself the needed rest and time alone in Winter, my Autumn became this magical colourful place. Like all the changing leaves on the trees, I could see the richness and texture in my life. There was something to be gained in saying no, in stepping back and letting that truth serum show me the light.

What I saw was that our modern society celebrates busyness, doing, success, youth and productivity. Just being average, middle aged, resting, taking your foot off the accelerator and in fact just being were frowned upon. I think that both Autumn the season and our Inner Autumn the pre-menstrual phase are the perfect times to address this balance and find what needs to be adjusted to feel more authentic.

If you struggle with being and doing, with digestive or breathing issues (our ability to assimilate our experiences) are curious about finding a way to link your breath with walking, or perhaps you fancy a bit of restorative yoga – then join me for the Autumn Equinox on March 24th. This is a 4 hour session to find balance, enjoy some yoga and craft a fire cider to blast your socks off.  I’m heading off for a few days rest so email me to enrol or ask any questions. I will get back to you when I am back in range.