Let our feet bless the earth

yoga massage reflexology at Odette Rowe Wairarapa yoga workshop

At Womad recently a band invited us all to dance, reminding us that moving our feet was a way of blessing the earth. This comment came at a very poignant moment when all in NZ felt that the rug had been pulled out from beneath our feet. A gentle reminder to move, to feel the stability of the ground was a loving way to feel “earthed” again.

The Autumn Equinox is when I reboot my Breathwalking practice which slackens off during the heat of summer and the toils of the harvest season. The cooler air and the seasonal focus upon the lungs and large intestines make this a good time to get a walking habit established before the chill of Winter arrives.  Breathwalking is part of the Kundalini Yoga tradition and it combines breath segmentation, mindful movement and meditation. Plus you get fit at the same time!

Breath segmentation is a valuable tool to learn as the diverse breathing patterns alter the way the brain functions. The different muscles and nerves you use to chop and change your breath alert your glands to work better and tone your immune system. It also helps the nervous system to cope better when under stress.  Going for a walk helps to alleviate stress, going for a Breathwalk takes this to a whole new level. As I set off each day I think of each step as a blessing for the earth beneath me.

This week our Monday Meditation class on April 1st at 5.30pm is a sampler to testdrive this method. We will meet at the Snug as usual for foot awakeners and then stride out rain, hail or shine. Bring some shoes that are comfy for you to walk in, wet weather gear if needed or a warm layer if it feels cool. Our meditation specifically focuses on anxiety so bring any friends or family who need help in this regard. Please book in to bagsie your spot and don’t be late as we might stride off without you! You might like to bring a bag to pick up any rubbish as we go.