Prepping for the Eclipse Season

moon and garden 010

I am no astrologer but there are three things that I have fathomed over the years purely from observation.

1. Yes the moon does seem to affect us

2. Eclipses are always highly significant as a tool for self-inquiry

3. I should never have a love relationship with a Virgo man.

With regard to the first point, if you have attended my classes over the last 19 years then you have been an unwitting guinea pig in my experiments with yoga that follows the lunar cycle. I shall be writing about my findings over the coming winter months.

In regard to the third point, I deeply apologise if you are a Virgo man, it is nothing personal. Besides I am happily married.

However this post is about eclipses or rather eclipse seasons. A solar eclipse is when the moon is in direct alignment between the sun and the earth. This always happens at the time of the new moon but not every new moon. A lunar eclipse is when the earth is in direct alignment between the sun and the moon. This happens only at a full moon but not every full moon. There are roughly 2 eclipse seasons each year.

In Kundalini Yoga these eclipses are sensed as affecting the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth and therefore us. I have no idea if The Gods of Science back this up. My opinion is that of course we are affected. If the moon affects our tides, fertility in plants and animals then why not planets cruising about in their orbit closer to us? The pathway of planets in relation to the eclipse gives a different flavour to each eclipse season. You don’t need to “believe” in astrology to find this useful. I merely use this framework to address an area of my life that probably needs attention. The astrological nature of the eclipse performs as an archetype for me to explore what is happening and reflect. Life is pretty much about embracing change, daily kerfuffles and keep shuffling onwards but in an eclipse season we are given a focus so we can break free of old patterns and change direction if we choose. Change will be happening, but can we steer the outcome with a bit of grace?

The solar eclipse sets the tone or direction of change and the lunar eclipse helps us to process our emotional response to that change. So while nothing may seemingly happen on the actual eclipse day the whole pressure and process can be felt over a three month period. This usually starts 2 months before the eclipse on the new moon and until the new moon after the eclipse. (I use Harsha Rigney’s excellent Moon Calendar to get exact times, days and eclipse themes.)

For this reason I usually start a health/yoga/meditation practice to explore the theme of the eclipse and frame my personal practice around this. Kickoff for this coming eclipse season begins this New Moon Sunday May 5th at 10.45am. The areas I am looking into this time are concerning home life and feeling nourished and supported by loved ones. This is also about parenting – perhaps your kids, your parents, or maybe you are a parent in your job. We are all being asked to examine our roles, duties, obligation and living situations. Can we shake it up a bit to suit everyone better? Can you break old traditions and stereotypes that do not work and find a new way? This might be gender roles around housework, child/parent care. Ultimately I think this asks us to question how we parent ourselves. Can we nourish, nurture and love ourselves?

My response to these questions is both practical and and intuitive. I will be sitting down with a list of household tasks and making sure we all feel comfy about who does what. I will be creating space for more yoga nidra and getting more real sleep. My meditation focus will be upon the heart centre with simple mantras I can do in the shower and while gardening. Over the next three months I will feel – does this work, or that? Who do I play a Mummy role with? Does it need to stay that way? What nourishes me? And hopefully responding accordingly. What will you do?

Actual eclipse times in NZ. Solar Eclipse July 3rd 7.22am and Lunar Eclipse July 17th 9.31am.